Episode 1: Frederick Martin

Frederick Martin was a typical War Graves gardener in many ways. He served in the First World War, settled in France, married a French woman, and was interned by the Nazis in 1940 after a failed attempt to escape.

But in other ways, he was unusual. This episode features several important documents from Fred Martin’s personnel file — one of the few gardeners’ personnel files that survives in the archives of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. They let us hear Fred’s own words about his experience.

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  • Personnel File of Frederick Martin, P 415, Commonwealth War Graves Commission Archives, Maidenhead, UK
  • Personnel File of Charles Posford, P 255, Commonwealth War Graves Commission Archives, Maidenhead, UK
  • Census Records, Archives départementales du Pas-de-Calais


researched, written, and narrated by Caitlin G. DeAngelis

Jamie Trotter as Fred Martin

sound editing by Fiona Hopkins

music by Albert Behar via Uppbeat