Episode 3: Interview with Marcel Hayler

Marcel Hayler and his brother Ernest grew up in Aubers, where their father, Henry, took care of Aubers Ridge Cemetery. During the German invasion of France in 1940, the Hayler family — Henry, Sarah, Ernest (age 13), and Marcel (age 11) — escaped to England. In this interview, I speak to Marcel Hayler about his […]

Episode 2: Charles Henry Holton

Content warning: This episode discusses Nazi war crimes, specifically the murder of disabled people in Germany and Poland. It also discusses illness and death in civilian internment camps, including suicide. Charles Henry Holton was the first War Graves gardener to die in a German internment camp. An ex-sapper from Buckinghamshire, Charlie cared for the British […]

Episode 1: Frederick Martin

Frederick Martin was a typical War Graves gardener in many ways. He served in the First World War, settled in France, married a French woman, and was interned by the Nazis in 1940 after a failed attempt to escape. But in other ways, he was unusual. This episode features several important documents from Fred Martin’s […]